1952           The first Youth Group Meeting takes place with Evangelical Deaconess Johanna Wiese from Marburg, Germany.

1953           The Christian Endeavour Youth Group (Jugendbund für Entschiedenes Christentum) has regular meetings and grows.

1957          Pastor Heinz Plaum begins as pastor.

1960           The church building at 95 Margaret Ave. is bought for $15,000.

1960           Pastor Hermann Meyer begins as pastor.

1970           The members of the Christian Endeavour Youth Group (E.C.) vote to become an independent congregation affiliated with the Fellowship Deaconry in New Jersey.

1971          Pastor Achim Kemmesies begins as pastor.

1975           Pastor Manfred Kürschner begins as pastor.

1981           Pastor Ralph Färber begins as pastor.

1984          Our name changes from Christian Endeavour to Christian Fellowship Church of Kitchener-Waterloo.

1986          Pastor Heinz Plaum returns as pastor.

1990           The new church building at 315 Northlake Dr. is completed.

1991           The new Thunder Beach cottage is completed.

1994          Pastor Stefan König begins as pastor.

2001           The new addition to the church is completed.

2003           50th Anniversary of our Church.

2005          Pastor Kurt Fischer begins as pastor.

2010           Pastor Mike Rattee begins as lead pastor.

2019           Pastor Dieter Reda begins as pastor.

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